Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Austin--------------- Sunday through Tuesday---- April 2013

We had some time for sightseeing!  You know I made time anyway!

We got to Austin on Sunday so that evening we went to 6th street.. oh the sights you see!  We ate at a restaurant that Sarah had been to before.. called the IRON CACTUS.  YUM.  Kaitlin and I shared chicken stuffed with corn bread and a jalapeno dressing.. wow.. it was so good!

After dinner we walked around a little....

we also drove by capitol and got a few pictures!

I cannot believe I forgot my camera... I had to use my IPHONE all week!  I was so upset!  BUT i did the best I could!

Monday... was mostly spent getting Kaitlin settled, up at the Capitol and working at dinner time at the camp!

On Tuesday we went to San Marcus and rode the Glass Bottom Boats at Aquarena Springs...

 it was a great tour.. Because we had visited the Houston waterworks.. we knew about aquifers and were able to ask VERY intelligent questions!  The tour guide was very patient!!

I loved seeing down into the spring and it DID not make me dizzy like an aquarium.

WE also visited their Wetland Walk... it was so beautiful and peaceful!

This building, build right at the head of the river was originally a hotel in 1929, but it basically closed as soon as it opened because of the depression... it was turned into a boys home during the depression and a hospital during World War II.  Eventually it was turned back into a hotel and now  houses the offices and a small museum. .... as it is on the property that is protected.  It is part of the Texas State University grounds.

We also made a night time run to KRISPY KREMES!  We checked to make sure they were serving hot and ready before we went!  They were so yum! Ours all closed in Houston and the last time we had one was in Florida, two years ago. 

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Aquariums make you dizzy?