Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Sum Up: Week 23 2013-2014



Today Emily and I concentrated on history... we watched a few YouTube shows about ancient Chine.. the Shang Dynasty, the Zhou Dynasty, the Terra Cotta Warriors!  She really seemed to enjoy it and I think she learned a lot from what she was able to recap to Dave! 

She also did math, read (She will start a new reader tomorrow!), vocab, and Bible.

My Cutie discovered she liked Cuties today!

We are at the story of Samson.  I always liked Samson for some reason, but I feel frustrated at him.. I am like JUST DO THE RIGHT THING... then I think about how many times I don't do that right thing and well... He did it in the end right!

We just watched Beezus and Ramona movie (I think they did a great job!) and so she wants to read the books now.. she has just read Beezus and Ramona.. so I think we will work on that series for a while.  I found the website and it has some fun activities!

Matt and Kate are busy working on Teen Pact stuff!  Two more weeks until we go!  Kate finished her letter to our state reps and is mailing it tomorrow!

Kaitlin tried out for a solo for the spring concert and GOT one!!!  I am so proud of her!

Matt worked with my dad on the air conditioner today and my dad called later and told me how impressed with Matt he was, that he knew about the tools, understood the workings, listened, helped, asked intelligent questions.. etc.  It was a proud mommy moment!


Another day!

Today Emily and I tackled square roots... and science experiments! 

She is doing well in math, but there is a lot of complaining.. today I finally set the timer and gave her a minute and a half for each problem she had left--- PLUS an extra 5 minute window and told her if she was not through (barring a major problem she didn't understand) she would have a consequence.  She had 25 minutes and finished with 9 min and 27 seconds to go.  HMMMMM. 

We started our cloud unit reading today and did an experiment!  So fun! 

Matt and Kate worked most of the day on Teen Pact stuff and their regular Sonlight reading schedule... they are memorizing 1 Tim 2: 1-3 right now.

The kids begged all morning to go swimming and I finally let them around 3:30--- It is still way too cold for me, but they love it and it is GREAT exercise! 

Okay here is her "dive" as of April 1, 2013... we will see how she improves over the summer!


Emily and I worked on her cloud unit and watched The Magic School Bus: Water Cycle on YouTube... I love YouTube.  :0)  She also worked on vocabulary.  Lots of "tions"!

Matt finished writing his bill for Teen Pact.

Kate shopped all morning with my mom so had lots to make up in the afternoon.. but she got lots done!  She has her bill started, vocabulary discussed and is working on memorizing her verses.

It was too cold to swim because we had a big storm last the kids were bummed with no swimming!


The kids got a little school done this morning and then we took off for a field trip day!  We went to the Japanese Gardens by the zoo AND the Health Museum (on the way though we detoured to the DMV and stood in line for ever, which is a field trip unto itself!)

After our field trips I had a chiropractor appointment.. I could feel a headache coming on and he did some "stuff"... I left feeling very nauseous!  We came home I got in bed and slept for FOUR hours.  But I woke up feeling much better! Of course I had trouble falling back asleep that same night!


The kids worked on school work in the morning and early afternoon and then we took off to deliver the things we had made in our Keepers of the Faith Club...

We took home made lap blankets to the nursing home to give to residents!  And we took home made tie quilts to the Bridge, a shelter, to use in their nursery!  We were able to speak to a couple of ladies at the Bridge and have some GREAT, fun ideas to do some outreach with them this summer!  I am very excited about it!  When I was younger we went several times to work at The Bridge, one of my most memorable times though was when we set up a carnival for the kids!  We also did a VBS one year!  Such fun!

I have a theme going lately on these Sunday Sum Ups!  The theme seems to be TOO BUSY DOING OTHER THINGS TO GET SCHOOL DONE!  Really.  We have done plenty of school in the last 3 weeks-- don't get me wrong... and the kids are absolutely learning!  BUT, we have one week before Teen Pact and then we are off for a whole week... after that it like 6 weeks to the end of the "school" year.  We have known all year that we wouldn't end in May because of the 6 weeks we took off at Christmas... and at this point we are ONLY one week behind where I had intended to be Sonlight wise... but we are behind on other stuff.  So... that being said..we need to buckle down!  So I really am going to try VERY hard to not add much to the calendar for the next 8 weeks!!!  But then again.. we have the summer, don't we!  I loved the three day weeks last Summer-- totally guilt free on the other two!  It worked well, allowed us some freedom and allowed up to catch up!  I will not EVER again schedule so much time off at Christmas... it messed us up.  I think it was nice, but I will probably only do two weeks off next year. 

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