Saturday, April 6, 2013

Keepers of the Faith: The Big Delivery!

The girls have worked for several meetings on their blankets...and finally we were ready to deliver them!  First, we went to the nursing home and handed out the lap quilts that the girls made out of fleece.... we had 9 in all, a few in "girls" colors and a few more "manly" colors.. I was so glad we brought both as there were a number of men!

Afterward we headed to a shelter in Pasadena called The Bridge... here the girls left the home made crib blankets they had sewn!  They did such a good job!  I am really proud of them!!

Don't know why this pic came out so awful!
We also stopped by the Chamber of Commerce here in Pasadena because Little Bit is working on her Community Badge... we were able to gets lots of brochures of FUN places around Pasadena!
So big day of all the deliveries.... afterwards we all went to Tutti Fruitti!  YUM!!

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Brenda said...

Actually, they are all working on the community badge.?