Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Science Fair 2013

I want to say that we did out science fair projects in basically 24 hours.  I am not bragging.. in fact I am NOT happy about it at all.. but that is the hand we were dealt this year and we did it.  One thing that that made it easier is the topics we picked.. Emily simply did clouds, because that is what we had been working on the past couple of weeks, Kate did Teen Pact, because, well it has been a big part of her year... .and Matt just exploded DIET COKE!  Easy Peasy!

I was planning to participate for months.. and then we got back and I had the monster migraine of the century and I decided there is no way this is happening and called to cancel.  But, we pulled it together at the LAST minute!  Literally.  I mean up till 11:30 the night before and working on it up till a few minutes before we left!  But, alas, we are done for another year!  (((sigh)))
I always PLAN to do so well with science fair projects... such good intentions!  I PLAN to start weeks in advance and really find a COOL experiment and learn something... but no it always ends up being last minute... not as last minute as THIS, but last minute.

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