Sunday, April 21, 2013

Teen Pact.... 1 DAY 2013

Matt and Emily participated in the one day Teen Pact class.  I made Kaitlin dress up again (no, really she wasn't supposed to come having participated in "NOT acceptable clothing")  but I DID want pictures of ALL of them dressed up!!!  YOU KNOW I DID!!  I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity!

Okay.. here is the barrage of photographs.. I just want to insert here that I TOOK over 600 pictures.. so I TRULY did narrow it down for your viewing pleasure!!!

They started the morning off with praise and worship.. which I love!!!

Kaitlin loved the library!!

this was during the prayer walk.. it was amazing.. at one point a soldier recognized them praying and came over and joined in and on the floor of the house a senator came down and prayed with them too..

The kids presenting their bills!!!

In committees to see which bill will "make it to floor".

graduation time... yeah!!

and all together now!!!


and with that it was all over.. till next year! 

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