Thursday, April 18, 2013

Austin----------------Wednesday April 2013

Wednesday we hung around most of the morning.. just chillin and then headed out.  We went straight to the Capitol

 to try and catch up with Kaitlin.. we caught just between lunch and another meeting!


and this one is SPECIAL because it shows Dave going through the CHL line.. this is a big deal for Dave. :0)

After we watched her for a few minutes.. they split into committees and left to go lobby.. we left too!  We headed out to find substance!  My hearts desire was to find the FOOD TRUCKS... (Vickie.. I found them and now I KNOW where to go!!!)  Yeah!


After we had our fill.. we headed to the RED BUD Water Plant-- Education Center.  We are ALL about the water lately! 


LOOK at all these pictures of ME!!!

And here we are at Zilker Park... they had a SPLASH  Interactive Exhibit about.. YES, water!!!



The entire day was (minus lunch of course and a stop at a 7-11 for drinks)  was FREE.  :0)  We zipped in and out of the Capitol so no parking.. Red Bud and the SPLASH exhibit were both free and we just paid for lunch!!!   WHOO HOO!!!

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