Friday, April 12, 2013

Houston Water Works Education Center

I want to start by saying...this is an unknown gem for field trips.  IT was great.  Very informative.. not too long of a presentation, fun interaction.. and FREE!  :0)  I learned a lot!  I really did!

I have known about the center for a while but just for whatever reason have NOT visited!  I set it up because Emily is doing a unit study on Clouds/ Water Cycle and it fit right in with our study.

You start out with a short presentation in a lecture type room.. it was kids friendly, informative, not too long and easily understood for multiple ages.  The two ladies were so patient to answer questions from ALL age groups.. I had multiple questions! 

Once you left the presentation room.. they handed out clip boards and scaventure hunts.. they had one for readers and one for non readers with just pictures!  With your scaventure hunt you were taken through the entire process of water purification.. through tunnels, sedimentation stations, chemicals were added and ultra violent ray area to find germs and pathogens!  You ended up at the end in a room filled with tons of into about water, what we do to our water system... how things work in regards to faucets, sprinklers, sewage.. etc. 

Then we went into a classroom setting to check out answers on the scavenger hunt and to have a little interactive play with learning about water conservation and how it works.  The kids had fun and you could SEE the realization happen.. as "their" water source dwindled!  IT was great and I cannot reiterate how great the ladies giving the tour were!  There was tons of brochures and information packets..lots of learning! 
It was not overly "GREEN" for those who know me well.. it was a good mix of what we can, should and will need to do... I also think they walked a great line! 

Outside we were able to see the HUGE holding tanks where the water comes into the plant and see all the pipes and areas we had learned about.  Also we met NOMO.. an art project .. it is to remind us to to NOT FEED NOMO trash to our lakes and rivers!  :0)  It did its job by catching our attention and getting us to ask about it!

We had a great time!

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