Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sum Up: Week 24 2013-2014



It was supposed to be such a productive day... BUT, Dave ended up staying home sick.  I have a horrible migraine and Emily was about as unfocused as she could possibly be.. it lent for a VERY NON PRODUCTIVE DAY!

However.. stuff did get done so that is good.. I suppose!

But the girls have been working on this little diddy... sister sweetness!

 I LOVE the sweet face at 44 seconds.  :0)


NO school.  We drove up to Magnolia to have lunch with family we haven't seen for decades!  It was a very nice time.. we found out our cousin (I am not sure what second, removed etc. she is!) is planning to home school.. so right there were on common ground!  They are also very much "ahem" politically minded as we are.. so that was nice!

The kids did however get home and managed to get some work done!

This is Emily working on her cloud unit...


We had a field trip to the Houston Water Works Education Center... Emily is doing a water/ cloud unit and it fit right in.. We had a great time and learned a lot!


We worked VERY hard in the morning to get a little bit of  school done and then we had FIELD day with our support group!  It had been rainy the day before so we held much of it inside.. but it was great!

after all there relays everyone got a Popsicle!


Got bare bones done today.. but honestly my mind is JUST not on school work today.  I have a lot to get done for next week.. So I am taking some of our school stuff to Austin and the printer and I plan to knock out some lessons plans while I am sitting in a hotel room for hours and hours! 

After we get back from Teen Pact.. we are going to BUCKLE down and I will prove it on my next Sunday Sum up!!!!  I promise.  I really am not promising Y'ALL so much as I am myself! 

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