Monday, November 8, 2010

ABC's of Service Projects-- update

"A"---Attitude of Giving
"B"--- Bringing snacks to a shelter.

"C"--- caring for a friend.
"D"---Doing a good deed with no return
"E"---everyone needs toothbrushes (handing out toothbrushes to the home less in area)
"F"---Fixing a meal for a family, just because.
"G"---Giving of our time, working on something that needs doing!
"H"---Help by giving food to a food pantry
"I"---I can change someones life by telling them about God- passing out tracts.
"J"---Just give up one thing you like, to give to others
"K"---keep an amount from our grocery fund to give to the Houston Food Bank
"L"---leave a note for someone, just to show you care
"M"---make a dessert to give out to the homeless people around our house
"N"---never think something little isn't enough. bring beans and rice to a shelter
"O"---offer to keep a friends kids- just to be a blessing!
"P"---Pray for those around you!
"Q"---Quietly go about doing good... Do something nice... quietly!
"R"---Rarely do we go without-- go without something in order to give.
"S"---stop and spend some time to speak with someone you don't usually notice
"T"---touch a heart by doing a good deed
"U"---underneath everyone needs feel loved... do something for someone to make them feel special
"V"---view your heart by what God says--- read verses about giving and do a deed
"W"---Wait on someone else. Be helpful. Be kind
"X"---Examine your motives--- do you like being told thank you? Do a deed in secret.
"Y"---You can make a difference- ask those around to donate to a cause
"Z"---zeal for giving is what I hope you have achieved! Come up with your own service project!

The ones in bold we have done.  I have three more lined up for this month...

I think the kids really like doing service projects.  They seem to be more alert to situations that can "give" or "do".  So that is good, right!

Anyway... this is obvious the season of giving, but I want to make sure and do it all year round.  Not just.... in the season.


Brenda said...

So...did you perchance "fix" mexican food for someone??? :)

Carrie Thompson said...

hey we are "mostly" silent doers around here!