Friday, November 19, 2010

Okay, back on the wagon

I fell off the wagon- no I am not an alcoholic.

I fell off the wagon of DOING.

I mean I DID but only the barest of the bare,

only the most necessary of the necessary,

only the most pertinent of the pertinent.

And that was all.


I ate (too much or at least too much of the wrong thing LIKE PIZZA ROLLS)
I drank (again not alcohol- just diet coke)
I slept (actually NOT at night and NOT very well--- I more laid in my bed)
I washed what we NEEDED- like panties and pants for hubbie to wear to work.
I cooked- like pizza rolls. :)
I schooled- ONLY WHAT I LEGALLY HAD TOO and even that was pushing it! :) Really I am calling it my fall break!

I went- when I HAD to, where I HAD to and for only as LONG as I HAD to.

But I am on the track to recovery. I am still hanging on by a thread, bouncing around on the back of the wagon... but heck on I am on it!

What started the downfall to nothingness was sickness, the kids being sick and me getting generally as close to depression as I usually sink.

We started a round of sickness in early October and it lasted for three weeks... I rallied for the most part and kept up. Even though everyone else was better I just didn't seem to GET better... I had serious allergy issues and couldn't not deal. SO I took allergy medicine.

BAD MISTAKE... this sent me into a 2 week spiral of panic/ anxiety attacks. IT was really bad!

So we finally got to Garner and I seemed to be on the mend.. I was rejuvenated and refreshed. We had an awesome family time... it was great.

Then we got back.

I just didn't do. I AM A DOER!

I maintain that it was a combo of all the above, along with stress over finances-- not like where is my next gallon of milk coming from, just ME stress for not handling things as well as I should.

DAVE RAMSEY would slap me upside the head. :)

This combined with too many changes... too much cheese being moved! TOO FAST.

So I coped, I tried to adjust but I couldn't seem to get a handle until yesterday morning,

and snap.

I slept- minus the Internet at 3:00 am...

I ate an egg, apple and oatmeal for breakfast.

I walked the track at her volleyball practice.

I took a B12 time release pill (thank you for these little pills God.)

I smiled at my kids and had a fun evening.

I cooked three sides for hubbies Thanksgiving feast at work.

I started laundry- not just the NEED TO WEAR kind.

I had the kids do their chores--- the right way.

I read my Bible-- guess that should be top on the list.

I don't feel totally up to par- I've got some kidney infection issue going on and I don't feel the greatest.. but I feel SOOO much better than I did!

And last night. Again I slept from before 10:30 - 7:20!

Like I said I am back on the wagon.

In the background.. I hear the dryer going, my fridge is full of food (fruits and veggies), my kids are wearing clean clothes... from a closet full of clean clothes, I returned the Netflix videos, I got the library books together, I worked on my lessons plans for two days next week (we have missed too much already!), I cleaned off my desk, I made my bed, I returned phone calls and texts.

Its a good day to be on the wagon.

How have YOU been the last 7 weeks? 


Shannon said...

Been going through the same thing. Started with a really busy week about 3 weeks ago, then my baby had strep really bad.... my midwife gave me some frustrating news... generally a lot of things have been calling for my focus. For three weeks we have had "lighter weeks" and so after Thanksgiving is over I hope to get back in the swing of it all. I had planned to take off the month of December, but I just do not see that happening completely. Tis the season for chaos, so I am going to just work on maintaining a positvie focus and doing what I can. One little step at a time is a step... better to be forward than backwards.

Brenda said...

Didn't know you were having such a bad time! Glad you are back on.

I totally know that cheese book you are talking about! ha!

And we are doing school 2 or 3 days next week too. So you won't be alone.