Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall Festival...

We had a Fall Festival at our church today... it was my first big "thing" at the church! I worked hard, but had a lot of fun and got to know some of the church members better!

We had a LOT of people show up with was awesome, we really prayed that people would come and BE blessed!

Kaitlin and Kaylea... the girls have really hit it off!

The kids worked hard, both Kate and Matt ran a booth and they did an amazing job! There was set up, working for 4 hours and of course clean up... NOT to mention being there for hours the night before! The kids were awesome troopers! I was so proud of their behavior and had many people compliment them.. which of course makes me feel like I am not always a failure! :)

He is hooking up my Ipod for some contemporary Christian music.. man I have good taste in music-- we jammed to it most of the day!

We really had a good time and I am really falling in love with the church! I mean we were good and set on going, but now I am getting to KNOW some of the members and I am even more in love. There are so many members who just LOVE God and want to see HIM move! They are hard workers and I truly saw ALL THE HANDS OF THE CHURCH WORKING TOGETHER... it has been a LONG time since I saw OR felt that.
This is Pastor Jim BTW... he was getting hit by wet sponges!

One of the most important to me was Pastor Jim.. we went for awhile to another church YEARS ago and the pastor was DOER... If a table needed to be set up- he was there setting it up. If a family came to visit HE was there to greet them because he TRULY loves people! Then we went to a church with a pastor-- who is a great teacher, but not as great as a pastor. I really hungered for a PASTOR. Well I have found one, it is one of the main reasons we are at this church... IT was all in God's timing!

These ladies our from the Garden Oaks Home School Group

This band came and played, they were amazing.. they had a bunch of Baptists standing praising God with their hands raised on the middle of a parking lot on a Saturday!  Whoo Hoo....

We are happy... of course there are little things we dont like, but who loves everything about their church! No one! But they are NOT on the list of important things!

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