Monday, November 1, 2010

Back.. update on life in general


But we are back and mostly unpacked!  Yeah.

I have another almost load to wash and then sleeping bags and I am done!  Bonus that I was caught up on laundry when we left so WHOO HOO!

We had a really good time this year.. good family, good friends, good food and loads of good scenery!

I have to get back into a routine.  I would say that this entire month between sickness and vacation and just odd happenings has left me with ZERO routine.  We focused on the kids routine, which is SOME better but not much.  I told them that if we didn't get the habits under control in our 31 days of October we would do another boot camp in Nov.  SO I guess we are.  I am however going to change up a few things.

I am going to simply put the chore sheets on our fridge.  I HATE FRIDGE ART. I like my fridge clean and free of clutter.... so deciding to use the side of the fridge for their chore charts is a big deal for me!

 I am not saying that the ZONE books are not working but they are not working very well for us.  I am not using them to their full potential right now and since I am FOCUSING on the habits (chores, daily care, bible reading) I decided to focus on that instead of a WHOLE system at once.  Does that make sense?

So we are restarting boot camp and will FOCUS on it for the next 23 days!  Then we leave for Little Rock- hopefully not undoing all my work!

I also have revised my schedule: besides HAVING one!  :)

I am making one for each day--- otherwise I just get behind because one day is different than another, but if I make one for each day, then I can tailor what I need to get done with the time I have that day.



I am stopping the tickets.  They are irritating, and we hardly use them... not even the kids remember to ask for them!  SO I gotta think of something else.  THINK, THINK, THINK!

I am going to re read Laying Down Rails by Sonya Shafer because I don't have it yet. 

I am also reading Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by Sally Mally

Kaitlin has 1 more game at the YMCA... them two weeks and her NEW home school team starts practice on the 17th.  She is VERY excited and volleyball will be a MAJOR part of our life for the next 8 months.   We shall see how that goes!  :)

Emily is on a new recreational team which means she gets to participate in meets, her first meet is possibly sometime this month, I am still waiting to hear.

Matt is enjoying is tap lessons-- he really likes it, and I am just glad he is enjoying an activity!

We took a break from school today-- just to recoup!  Tomorrow we start FULL force.  I am not playing catch up, I am starting school tomorrow!  We will finish up our popcorn unit, continue working on our Autumn unit and begin our Thanksgiving unit on the 15th. 

Guess that is mostly it for now! 

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Mommy of Two said...

Yay! I like the Little Rock part :)