Sunday, November 21, 2010

Emily's Gymnastics Meet...

Emily had her first gymnastics meet last Sunday, she had a lot of fun and did really well for her first time!

She won three red ribbons and one blue.

Judging wise that means:

definition: apparatus is the area they presented in: floor, beam, vault and bars

skill is the actual thing they did on each apparatus (i.e. straddle, flat back, partial handstand, mounting, dismounting etc)

white ribbon=participation
red ribbon= did all three skill and at least one of them well
blue ribbon= did all three skills correctly
Purple ribbon=did all three skills exceptionally well

stretching before meet

dismount off beam

receiving her medal

This is a video of her vaulting.  She usually does her straddle perfectly not sure what happened there but she corrected herself.    On the next skill, a handstand into a flatback, she has never done it UP on the mat and she misjudged her distance and was actually falling off.  But my favorite part of the video is the end... you know how I feel about the "STICK IT"!

all the Discover Stars Team

Sooo for her first meet, her coach feels she did well, they know what skills she needs to work on as well so that is great!  Her next meet is Dec 12  but they will require a few different skills... we will see how it goes!

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Mommy of Two said...

That's awesome! GO EMILY!