Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday to wise

Okay I don't usually post what I WILL do for school but since I have really had trouble in the GET ER DONE department I thought it might help me with some accountability for a few weeks.

SO my TO DO LIST for school this week is:

Bible- next 5 stories.
in addition we are doing daily advent activities starting on the 1st.
Our daily devotions. The kids have a break from their Word of LIFE program at church.
We will be also going over their songs and reading parts for their church play daily.

Math- the kids need to do 7 lessons this week... which should not be a problem. I also need to catch up on grading.. FUN. If Emily is still having trouble with money then we will most likely break from MATH U SEE work and simply do cards, play and learning money websites for the week.

Spelling- simply get 5 STEPS done.

Writing with EASE- get 5 lessons done.

First Language Lessons- get 7 lessons done. We will also start a new poem.

History- review what we have done up to now. We are focusing on STATES on our next history get together so we will play our states games I am sure.

Science- I have to FINISH reading chap 6 (we just had a few pages that we didn't get to) READ all of chap 7 and start chapter 8. Now I do not have to do that all this week of course, I think that would be impossible but I do have to get it done before we meet again.

Learning Language Arts through Literature- EMILY, we have about 8 lessons to catch up on this week. I am cutting out one activity from each lesson that Emily just simply does not need to that will help time wise. I will hopefully get more than 8 lessons done this week... I want to finish up this BOOK!

Handwriting- simply one lesson a day-

Writing- Kaitlin, she needs to finish her final draft of her last assignment and start her next one.

Matt and Emily will each do a DRAW AND WRITE, draw a picture and write a few sentences on OUR THANKSGIVING DAY.

Art- we will most likely do Harmony Art MOM, crafts from the ADVENT program, and a fall craft from my list I Posted a few days ago. The kids will also start making a craft that they will take to a nursing home sometime in Dec for a service project.

Music- we will start listening to the music of the  NUTCRACKER.  I have a color book that goes with it.  We will hopefully watch a few different versions of the Nutcracker before we are done....This is an ongoing activity through December.

So here is our school week. Check back on Friday to see if I did it all, feel free to send me encouragement though out the week too! :)

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