Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autumn Popcorn Unit Study --- Part 2

If you missed part 1- here it is!

We are really enjoying our fall activities!

Kaitlin has found many cool bugs while looking at all the nature:

She has gotten 3 different caterpillars that she is waiting to see what they "morph" into.

She found THIS at my sisters house last Saturday!

We found a whole ant colony under a rock on the property!

She found this dragonfly and butterfly at Garner

Kaitlin drew these with her new watercolor pencils!

just watercolor pencils

after she added water with a brush

This week in the days before we left for Garner we did some fall activities on corn and of course POPCORN!

We made popcorn necklaces--- which quickly turned into bird/ squirrel feeders!

We made some pop corn, popcorn balls (yes I used the dreaded corn syrup!---this did not go well!) and corn crafts.

Popcorn Art

We read these books...

Popcorn in the Palace by Emily Arnold McCully
here is a lap book to go with this book from Home school Share
(I really, really liked this book-it was is a great period read for early 1800's, interesting that popcorn never took off in England!)

POPCORN! by Elaine Landau

The Popcorn Book by Tomie de Paola   (this has all the history of popcorn as well as how to make it at home on your own stove... cute book.)

The Popcorn Dragon by Jane Thayer

We studied about how popcorn was invented and watched a video on how corn is harvested and eventually turned into tortilla chips!

We also watched the end of THE REAL GENIUS (no they didn't get to watch the whole movie, Matt was bummed!)

then we watched MYTH BUSTERS try to prove that a laser could pop the popcorn.
then here is a guy proving you can pop popcorn with a laser at home.

We measured popcorn volume

Corn Math Riddles

How Cracker Jacks got its name


Slow motion video of popcorn popping-- pretty cool

popcorn color sheets-- kindof corny (no pun intended)

popcorn trivia worksheet

popcorn math sheet

Popcorn math sheet

A- Maize-ing worksheet

A- Maize-ing math worksheet

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That looks like a lot of fun! Katie is such a good artist!