Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fraction Fun:

Emily is working on fractions right now and I have found that introducing her to the subject-- vs. just waiting for her to learn it in the book works better.  SO Fractions unit it is... I don't want to get much ahead of her book, but we learned about equivalent fractions and have practiced with lots of online games.  We also learned about reducing (which of course falls in line with equivalent fractions).  We learned the proper way to write a fractions, some terminology and also about improper fractions.

We started by making a cookie cake and simply slicing it into parts and learning how the parts make a whole. SO it was educational and tasty.

We spent a lot of time on online games, learning and playing.

Math Is Fun. simple explanations, very visual. not really a game though.-- quickly went ahead of where she is, but I bookmarked it.
Cool Math for Kids- very visual and good explanation, liked that it wasn't just a circle but used squares, rectangles and even hexagons to show parts and wholes.
Math Play too advanced but will absolutely go back to it!
VecterKids this was simple but great practice!
Mr. Nussbaum this was really fun.. like a pizza shop and you have to make the order!
Mr. Nussbaum same as above but an ice cream store.
Oswego fun you get to design a flag using their colors and required amounts...
AAAmath comparing fractions by choosing if they are more/ less or equal to each other

Fun with Fractions  these are card games that they give you ideas for and provide a free PDF of the cards to use (remember to print the cards black and white)

We ordered a pizza for lunch and divided it fairly amongst the eaters!

We played Pizza Fraction Game


So far it has be a fun unit!  And she is catching on well!

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