Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miss Nelson is Missing... March 2013

We went to Main Street Theater to see a productions of one of my favorite kids books



I loved this story as a kid and even to this day it is one of my favorite ones!  I remember knowing that Miss Viola Swamp WAS Miss Nelson but the day I discovered the GIW (wig box) in her closet.. sealed the truth for me!  I was sitting in the library in elementary school and we had a big round circle, that was like a sunk in living room... with two steps.  I was lying on the bottom step, with the book on the top step and I let out a little shout when I noticed the wig box on the top shelf of the closet!  The librarian, whose name was Mrs. Dunham... learned at me STERNLY!

It was pretty good and pretty funny... they added a lot to the story, which I guess was necessary to make it a worthwhile production... but still bugs me.  There was one part where they mandate that "corporal" punishment is unnecessary and proven by a bunch of studies to be ineffective... but it was really weird because there was lots of "violence" perpetrated by the cast.  There was lots of talk about throwing kids out a window, there was "hitting", a lot of getting in peoples faces menacingly... So it was weird to "advocate" for non violence, but yet show so much of it!

The set was great and they do a fabulous job!  I was impressed with the actors for the most part.  Seating is a little off, there is two huge front sections that see the play straight on, but the two side sections (where we were at), you only saw them from the side, almost the whole play.  I would try to be seated in the middle section if we attend again!  The staff is professional, there were a ton of school buses, picking up and dropping off, but everything went smoothly.

Their next production is Charlotte's Web... which is always a winner in my book!

Read aloud: Miss Nelson is Missing!

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