Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Sum up: Week 21 2013-2014


I took NO pictures this week.  It was a crazy, crazy week!  Kate and Matt got the bare minimum done and skipped math two days!  But they are up on their reading so that is good.  We have to catch up on discussion, vocab, time-line and questions this week!!! 

Emily did all her basics except for English... and worked on a paper for amphibians... and started reading about various reptiles...

Emily is reading Harriet the Spy for book club--- FUN!

We are still working on reading Augustine this week and hope to finish it by Friday.

I have such a busy week, plus need to catch up on school stuff, plus need to clean and work on the house before Easter!

I feel like Emily and I are doing a few fun things, but Kate and Matt are not--- but they do not seem bothered.  I guess "after" school they are working on things they enjoy. 

Kate has been painting a lot.  She has also started working on her home work for Teen Pact- She wrote both our state representative and our state senator this week...we have also been praying for them daily.

She also had her last sign class for three weeks (she will start session 3 then).  We are so excited and thankful for these classes-- it is an amazing opportunity to learn and be a part of people who love the deaf ministry!  I know God's timing is in these classes!  She is learning so much!

a very bad picture of her teacher during sign class!

She had 4-H this week, plus as an officer she had to serve bar-b-q in the 4-H tent @ the La Porte Livestock Show and Rodeo-- so we were up there Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

How many 4H officers DOES it take to make a chopped beef sandwich?  :0)

Matt and Dave started building Matt a computer last week...

I have no idea about the gloves.... Off to the left hand side is the Truss Bridge Matt built last week too.  I gave him a day off math to work on a more hands on math assignment and he found a design for this and built one!

The kids also spent time working on the pool-- lots of work! and of course there is physical activity and chemistry involved!!!

We had Keepers of the Faith... the girls finished their tie quilts, made cards and made soup! 
Almost finished 3 badges!

We also had eye doctor visits this week and got to meet Daddy for lunch at the park...

and Kaitlin needed glasses!!!

We had a busy week-- full of ALL types of learning! 

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