Saturday, March 16, 2013

Livestock Show 2013

Last year we did the Livestock show up big and stayed for the carnival and everything, this year we hit all the free stuff.... ate lunch... did a little more free stuff and left the hot, expensive lines for Blizzards at Dairy Queen.  Yes.  It was a good choice!  I do not know WHY but it was SOOO crowded, I have gone on Spring Break week for years but this was crazy! I had my three, plus two friends and at one point I had Emily's hand and Kate had Alex's hand and we moved through the crowds that way!  Yuck.  So I had said the kids could each choose ONE pay activity to do but by the time we got through everything free and Emily looked like this

 (waiting for the boys to finish driving monster trucks) we opted for Dairy Queen and no lines...

Other than the lines we had a great time!  Emily got to see an ewe named Tuesday who was born on HER birthday!!!  Our friends had never been to the Livestock show before and the first than E mentioned was the smell!  Truth.  It is kindof overwhelming!  We made sure to do and see pretty much everything there was to see!


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