Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pleasure Pier: March 2, 2013

Mom and Dad invited us to join them in Galveston and go to the new "ish" attraction on the Island!  It was mighty cold but we had a great time!  We ate at Bubba Gump's.  We had eaten at one before in Florida, they are so fun with all the sayings and a ping pong paddle for the dessert menu, plus the kids meal come in the "Jenny" a paper boat....  lots of fun!  After dinner we hit the pier and rode rides, well the three girls did and Brian!  The rest of just watched, shivered and tried to warm ourselves up!   There is a good mix of "kid" rides vs. adult rides.

We had a great time and it was SO clean and the atmosphere was amazing!  I was leery of them charging just to walk on the pier, but their reasoning was to keep it a nice place and I am telling you they have accomplished it!  Everything was clean!  There were helpful, kind workers everywhere!  They have their own security but a cop was there after dark for a while.  It was well lighted and I felt very safe. 

The rules, which I wish I had taken a picture of.. were extensive:

No profanity
Pants must be pulled up
No undergarments can be showing

Very family friendly!

They had a candy store and it was a lot to choose from at only 63 cents an ounce-- so the kids got to pick their own which is fun and it wasn't overly expensive. 

The Bubba Gump restaurant is expensive and the kids meal is 10 and under, but the portions are large so you could share!  They also have an outdoor window that is less expensive, so that is a good option.

If you sign up on Face book they share specials for the Pier, for instance a few weeks ago the walk on price was only $5.00 and the all ride pass was 13.99 vs. 10.00. and 26.99!  Which would have been nice, although I am sure crowded!

Oh and parking is I think 10, if you eat at the restaurant you can get your ticket validated for up to 4 hours, so we ended up paying only 4.00 for parking and it is directly across the street.

We had a wonderful time and hope to go again sometimes when it warmer!

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