Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Harriet the Spy Book Club....

I Spy.. some girls having fun!!

these were the only black rimmed glasses I could find.. they are like magnifying glasses!  Aren't they fun!  Each of the girls of course got a journal!!!

We had cake and milk (just like Harriet every day at 3:40-- but we had our cake at 2:40)  and we tried egg creams (which is pronounced "Eh crim" and has no egg and no cream!)  and lastly we had TOMATO sandwiches-- of course we had to have tomato sandwiches!!!

We tried some experiments like Harriet's friend Janie-- we didn't end to blow up the whole world-- just make a few explosions!!  First we tried vinegar and baking soda in a zip lock bag!  Worked like a charm after we remembered to add warm water and SHAKE it up!  Next, we did the awesome diet coke and mento experiment.. IT was awesome!

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