Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Sum Up: Week 22 2013-2014


This week.. we really needed to hit the books and get some things DONE with.  We were supposed to finish reptiles last week, but alas we have two days of work left.. so we knocked that out!  After we finished it up we planned to move on to our CLOUD unit.  Lots of experiments and videos and computer time, plus a few great books! But it just did not happen this weekend!  So Monday it is!

Monday: Emily and I got math, history, vocab, Latin and she read a lot to get ready for book club. 

Tuesday:  We woke up to our power off and I was supposed to meet my M- I - L (shout out to Vickie)  for lunch and some shopping but didn't want to leave the kids home so we all went-- which meant NOT much school got done!  But once we got home we hit it hard and we were able to get a fair amount done.

Wednesday: Truly I spend the day cleaning and preparing for book club and dealing with errands and some online "stuff"... so besides book club which was wonderful, Emily only got math done, but she did two lessons- plus all the activities for book club, so we managed to touch on: literature, art, science, vocabulary, psychology and film theory!

Thursday: Today we got to go see Miss Nelson is Missing!  After, that I had an appointment with a chiropractor so again it was a light school day.  I told the kids tomorrow all the had to do was make sure their Sonlight reading was caught up and could take a break on all other subjects!  

Friday:  worked on the house, we have a lot of guests coming on Sunday for Easter at our house. I am kind of excited, but also nervous about getting everything done! We also had to check all the levels in the pool and then clean it out one more time. It is not hard, it just takes time...

We played the push-fully-clothed-people into the pool game: of  course she was already wet because Dave had soaked her with the hose.  :0)  That is how we roll here...

After deciding to just get in and enjoy it for a while they attempted to coax Riley in too...

The kids even pretended to drown to convince her to get in and help her.. but all she did was chase them around the pool and whine and cry!  She really wanted to help them!!
She really did not want to... when we finally got her in she scrambled up Kate! 

But finally she got in by herself... she just cant get out!

and here is her "dog" paddling to the side...

Saturday was spent cleaning, straightening and getting ready.  We took a pretty big load of give away to a friends who is having a garage sale as a fundraiser for adoption travel expenses.

Those bags are the left side two deep!  :0)

 We dyed Easter eggs... and hung pictures on my walls!

Um, My One and Only did this for me.  Sweet love.  I like him, he is a keeper (99.9% of the time)

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