Thursday, March 14, 2013

Science with Emily: Amphibians

Not sure she has this down pat yet, as she called a gecko an amphibian the other day-- but it is a journey right! 

We read the section in our book about Amphibians.

Emily drew the 3 main types of Amphibians: Frogs/ Toads, Salamanders and Caecilian


We read The Salamander Room.

We made a frog craft.. but Emily doesn't want me to post it for some odd reason.

We read a few Internet articles/ websites on amphibians.
We watched a few YouTube video's on amphibians.

Played a few online learning games about Amphibians:

Learning Games for Kids Online

Printed out a bunch worksheets from Enchanted Lea4rning

Used this to learn about life cycle

A little bit of online learning:

Merriam Webster

We went to the reptile/ amphibian house at the Houston Zoo and I am not kidding you that EVERY single amphibian was NOT in its habitat.  We looked at the salamanders, newts, caecilians and toads... not a one of them did we see.... but all is well!  We have a good start on our next focus which is REPTILES!!!!

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