Friday, March 15, 2013

Sonlight Core G-- Update

I have NOT written about the kids Sonlight as much as I had originally planned.. I hardly even did weekly sum up on it!  I so wish that I had but truthfully I was doing good to GET school work all done AND Emily's!  But we are doing better this semester... EVEN 6 weeks ago I was lamenting on how I couldn't get everything done and the kids were still doing school at night.  I am not saying it is all worked out, but it is a lot better! 

We are in week 19- a little behind my plan but we started the year later than normal I think and we took 5 weeks off at Christmas- which we will not do again.  Ever.  Unless we have  a real vacation!

Anyhoo.  The kids are on top of almost everything besides memory verse (which I admit I am allowing them to slip but I think a few of the selections are odd-I know it is all the WORD OF GOD and relevant, I guess I just wonder at a few of the selections.) I have allowed them to fall behind, but you know what they are still IN the Word and they are still memorizing the Word-- memory work is NONE of our strong points!

We were going over a few sections of questions from last week (which is ME, not the kids) and speaking about Constantinople and I got this on Itunes!

I happened to glance down on the comment section of YouTube and there is language (just FYI)

Makes me happy!  "Why did Constantinople get the works?  That's no body's business but the Turks!"

We are adding Augustine Came to Kent (it is the current time frame, but not on the Core G list)
and we are doing it as a Read Aloud with Emily. 
and I also found

I also picked up Torch lighters newest video AUGUSTINE

(which BTW... second time I have heard it pronounced "Augustin" vs. "agusteen" I looked it up and it appears to go both ways, with "tin" being the most widely used."  I ALWAYS say "teen"!

I had them do a literary analysis of Black Horses for the King.

They have to write info on the 6 major literary devices: theme, character, plot, setting, conflict and point of view.  They also have write a review focusing on two of the six items. 
We also spoke about the Plot and how there are generally these FIVE things.

Rising Action
Falling Action

We spoke a lot about Point of View:  coming up with movies or books that used them

1st Person- Spirit
3rd Person- Elf
2nd Person- Kaitlin thought of Choose Your Own Adventure books

So that was an update.. I will try to update better in the next few weeks...

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