Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 20: Sunday Sum Up 2013-2014


(Vickie there is a snake picture if you want to scroll fast!!!)

I obviously missed a lot of weeks of Sum Up.. but I am going to just start again and not try to play catch up!  We did school for 6 weeks after Christmas, had a one week break and now we are finished with our second week.  We wont have another break until Mid April for Teen Pact.

This week we worked hard on science... I am wanting to get through the majority of this curriculum and move ON!  I am moving to smaller mini units for the rest of the school week and through the summer.. I will reevaluate again come fall.

So we finished up amphibians and are getting started on reptiles.

It called for a trip to the zoo!

Emily worked hard on Wordly Wise this week... in fact I found her everywhere except for at the table!

Don't ask me!

We worked on Fractions for math and spoke about acute, obtuse and right angles...

Showed Emily this and she thought it was hilarious!

She is working hard in Latin and is really doing well remembering and recognizing a few derivatives.

We started a read aloud about Augustine this week... and she is moving on in history.

Emily used the computer a lot this past week to play games for Wordly Wise, to learn about amphibians and to work on fractions... IT was time well spent!  I need to utilize what is right in front of me!  It kept her busy AND it is a great tool to help her cements facts!

I gave you a catch up on Matt and Kate here.. and plan to start Summing up together next week!

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