Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me...

1. I have been to Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador on mission trips. 

2. I was in the hospital 7 days with Kaitlin and was induced 5 times!  It was a nightmare.

3. I used to (and still inclined to) curl my sheet or blanket under my feet because I was scared a witches hand would come up from under my bed and grab my feet.

4.  I had multiple ovarian cyst removed in 9th grade.  I have the video- (somewhere) of the actual surgery and it is cool.

5.  I used to hyperventilate bad and my dad would walk around the block with me breathing into a paper bag.  Now I call the panic attacks but don't generally use a paper bag.  (I probably should)

6.  I watched Arachnophobia as a teenager.  I don't know why as I was already terrified of spiders.  My sister and I were on either side of my dad at the theater.  It was really suspenseful and when we left my dad had bleeding claw marks on both arms walking out of the theater. I don't do suspenseful!

7.  I buy books that are wonderful (not self help but just Godly "help" books), I have awesome intentions to read them all but only ever end up reading half of them! 

8.  I cannot stand situation where I have to "go up front".  It just happened on Sunday the children's church leader called the LEADERS up on stage and I went and stood on the farthest side.  Truly inside I wish I had been ANYWHERE else.  I would feign injury, clean poop up, pay someone else or NOT come before I ever want to stand up in FRONT.

9.  I am always afraid that people will not remember me.  I don't mean remember everything about me but that I guess I am so unmemorable that they would truly NOT have a clue who I am.  Therefore when I go to Baybrook Mall (near where I grew and up and went to school for 9 years) I will cross to the other side of the mall or turn and go the other way if I saw someone I knew before I would assume they KNEW me.

10.  I went to Las Vegas before Matt was born, we flew into Nevada and LITERALLY on a whim we drove like 8 hours to Las Vegas and stayed in NEW YORK, NEW YORK.  We walked the strip at like 1:00 in the morning and I remember being amazed at HOW many families there were!  It was not like what I had imagined.  I did (confession time) truly WANT to see a hooker because I never had except on TV.  We saw a few slightly scantily dressed women but most were just passing out flyers for shows.  I remember feeling disappointed.  I know weird right!

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Mommy of Two said...

I do the blanket, sheet thing but my fear was always gremlins. lol