Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Austin City Limits...

No we did not go to Austin City Limits-- although I have always wanted too!  But we did do a lot inside the city limits of Austin!

We left on our journey at 6:20 and Saturday morning-- had a few delays like coming back home for my phone!

Dave dropped us off at the state capitol, the kids and I had a little photo shoot, while Dave worked for awhile.

After Dave came to pick us up we headed to the Austin Children's Museum--- if while in Austin to not bother to pay the 6.50 to get in (which we didn't as we are reciprocal members) because it is really not worth it.  I love children's museums but this one was very small and just not the best, maybe if you have really small kids?

After the museum we went and ate lunch at Austin Pizza... it was in downtown near the capitol and 6th street in the part of Austin that YELLS-- KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD, and it was weird!  We however did not eat pizza at DeathMetal Pizza!  It was good though... and not too expensive.

We left and headed to the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Museum and library.  It is free!  In fact it is the only presidential library to be free to all....of course it is your CIVIL liberty to be free from want, so I guess you deserve to get in free.  He was a democrat for those who do not know and really almost worse than Obama!  We enjoyed his family album, we enjoyed seeing things about the time and the seat of the president, we enjoyed that he was from Texas but really it stopped about there! He really set a whole lot of "bad" in motion during this presidency!  We also have "GLAZED over civil rights so far with our kids (we have not reached that in history) so it was hard explaining some pictures and things-- we were also trying to be careful HOW we explained it, if you know what I mean! 

We left and headed to a sno-cone spot in Austin (I don't really know how much of a spot it was because we were the only ones there), they were pretty tasty and REALLY refreshing!

After the sno-cones we attempted to head to Barton Springs.  It is a dammed area of the river that is a local SPOT!  Well it is really local because there were HUNDREDS of people there.  People parked EVERY where, it was insane--- just standing in line to GET in there were over a hundred!  So we left!  We didn't feel we could tend the kids in such a massive setting-- Dave and I had no suits and wouldn't have been in the water with them, we might try later in the year when kids are in school!

So to pacify the non swimmers, who had been promised swimming all day we went to see Mr. Poppers Penguins-- with our savings from NOT going to Barton Springs (for three dollars a person).  It was a pretty good see-- a few parts were not needed and I could have done without but really overall a pretty good movie with a great message. 

So as you can see we had a FULL day!  We did so much and really had a good day- VERY little stress.  I got VERY annoyed at Dave for about 15 minutes but he agreed he was BEING very annoying!  :0)  All in all a WONDERFUL day!