Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bucket List...

Last year I made a summer bucket list too, I did about a third of the items on the list.  Even though I did not accomplish doing all the things I wanted.. making the list did make me stop and really think of some things I DID want to do.  I think because I wrote it down and purposed to do them.. I was more inclined to make the experiences happen!  So I decided to make another bucket list for this summer.  Some are repeats from last year, some are things I never got around to last year and the rest are NEW things that I want to do.


eat frozen yogurt with friends

thrift store shop for clothes

hit a few garage sales looking specifically for decor items

go on an overnight with Dave

pick fruit at a farm

search half price books, thrift stores and used book stores for reads

finish up Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day as a summer science.

Take the kids to a water park.
Eat dinner outside at Kemah.
Go to the beach.

Visit the turtle hatchery.

Participate in The Houston Nature Challenge

Visit with the grandparents more often.


Find new parks in Houston we haven't been to before.

Go see the summer dollar movies.
Watch a movie under the stars.

Go on a boat or wave runner.

Go the farmers market.

play games with the kids.
learn to cook 5 new recipe's
Go to a theater production.

go to creation station at the MFAH
sew curtains for the dining room (this involves me SEWING)

take a camera class from leisure learning or somewhere else.

walk on the beach at night.

eat out at a new fun restaurant.

invite friends over for dinner.
go to VBS

paint the girls bedroom
have an old fashioned picnic

work on making the back porch kind of cozy
read a biography about a great person


5 Boys and a Princess said...

Your list looks great! I'm still thinking about our summer list. It worked so well last year that I want to do it again (we did everything on the list except go to a parade).

Mommy of Two said...

I love it! Awesome list!