Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap up--- Week 41

So although I have had a much more productive week this week than LAST week where we basically ended up taking the whole week off... I still have not hit the books full force.   I also need to do lessons plans!

I had two days where kids were sick so not as much got done! But it's all good. I am simply focusing on what DID get done! Oh and Emily was gone for a half day on Tuesday.

This is not day by day but just an overall picture for each subject:

Bible-- we focused on our Word of Life scriptures, the kids have a ceremony coming up and Emily was trying to hit her verse test. Matt who hasn't learned many scriptures was challenged by his coach to learn some. We also focused on some heart issues and read scriptures based on those... but no actually book work. Next week we start up our curriculum again! We are looking to finish it mid July!

Math-- all the kids did math this week, Kate's book was lost for a day and a half but was found... THANKFULLY! The kids have about 3-5 lessons left, each kid is at a different lesson. After we finish I am going to take a break getting their next books. We are going to work on LIFE math, math games and flash cards. We will play Math Blaster and do timed tests and worksheets off the Math U See website. We will order new curriculum in Sept.

Science--   We started Chap 3 and learned all about Sea Lions, Seals and Walrus. It is a fun chapter and I love even seeing all the pictures of the seals and sea lions! The kids have kept up with their note booking, copy work and have read some library books on these different sea mammals.

We also went over our review cards for chap 1 and chap 2.

Spelling-- truthfully didn't touch it this week!

English-- the kids worked on nouns and verbs. They read SO much but this is all we did.

History-- we ended up missing our weekly history lesson because of being sick but the kids have each read two Thomas Jefferson biographies this week. We also went over our review cards.

State Study-- We went over the states and capitols. We also watched State Fair as part of our Midwestern states study. The kids also read the book Up North at the Cabin. We also started The Wizard of Oz for Kansas!

In other areas..

  • we have changed up chores and how they are done.
  • We rearranged the living room
  • introduced a new pet into the home
  • did eye patch activities
  • sold the suburban
  • cleaned around the house
  • worked on some stuff for VBS
  • cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner all week
  • was surprised by my husband with a new camera. I did NOT expect it. We talked about it and I thought we decided it wasn't really the best time... too many other things that are important on the list and HE came home with one. He has NEVER in all our married and dating years done something like this! It is NOT his MO! So I am the proud owner of a new Canon that I can barely work--- but I shall learn! :0) We did however get the base and 18-55 lens... I will have to wait for my 70-300 lens! (Hint: it would be wonderful to surprise me with it for my birthday, or an early birthday present!)

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