Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Catch up!!!

Okay I know I have been blogger missing for a few days but I've been a busy girl!

Life got in the way of blogging about life---
isn't that the way it should be...


  • I PASSED my drivers test.. I am all legal and a real person BTW! Just had to let you know!

  • Emily's doctors appointment went really, really well-- she has made HUGE strides in progress so no surgery for right now. A lot of the progress she has made is up to par with what would have been achieved through surgery so her doctor is happy.. as am I! We will patch (down to 2 hours 5 x a week) for the next three months again and re check. If there is any deterioration (possible from less patching) we will re visit the surgery option down the road.

         But for now the doctor is amazed at her progress! SO yeah!

  • We are VBS'ing this week-- sooo busy and sooo tired!   But having fun!  Here are a few shots, I have literally taken hundreds and it is only the end of Wed as I type this!

  • Fathers Day was wonderful--- not really my hubbies cup of tea by choice but we had a good time anyway!  We shall graciously allow him a trip to the shooting range this weekend to make up for it!  :0)  We went to church on Sunday morning and then headed to Armand Bayou Nature Center for Prairie Day-- we went on a hayride of their "prairie" (they are actually growing and planting grounds at the center to re create prairie land, it is a work in progress).  We also got to see a buffalo!  The kids remembered some facts about these ruminants (4 stomach animals) which made this mama very happy!  It was incredible hot so we were glad to get back to Mama's house for swimming and dinner!

  • I am really enjoying my camera-- really, really want to take some classes with hubbie to learn how to use it!  I am hoping that will happen later on this summer!

  • We had no a no school week-- planned!  The kids were so excited and to honest I LOVED the guilt free break!  We have two days next week and then we "technically" began our next year!  I am not taking a week off in between as there are no curriculum changes right now and we will take the week off mid July for our San Antonio trip...

  • We have watched ANNIE and MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS for our state study.  On Wednesday we will start Northeastern States--


Brenda said...

Is that a whorl on the side of Dave's face? I did not know you could have a whorl on your face! I have a daughter with one in her hairline by her forehead. Makes for an interesting cowlick.

Carrie Thompson said...

HA! yes it is a whorl... when it grows out it doesnt do it quite as much though... I have always thought it was funny! Although it frustrates him! I would have to have it at the forehead... Emily has a sorta cowlick on her hairline which doesnt allow her bangs to lay just right... so frustrating!