Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011-2012 School plans

I already posted most of my curriculum choices and have already changed a few of them but for the most part it is correct.  Some of my changes for this current year have more to do with time management, skills and the kids abilities.

  • For instance we are using All About Spelling... I love this curriculum and we will continue using it to concrete our spelling rules.  However I feel the kids also simply need some rote memorization in this area as they are HORRIFIC spellers- they come by this naturally!  I plan on using lists  like these and website like SPELLING a base.  I figure I can use Write Start program to make up lists for the kids.  I will simply test them both orally and on paper.  We will use these list to practice nouns, verbs etc and also things like dictionary practice and alphabetical order.  I don't care so much that they learn 20 words and take a test on Friday this will simply be on ongoing activity.  I also don't care about a scope and sequence.. this list is just something to start with.   I know it will help their vocabulary also.  I don't want to make a huge time consuming thing of it but I also feel this is an area the kids are lacking and this is WITH reading as much as they are reading.. which is A LOT!

  • Another change is with Kate's math.  She is struggling... it can take her an hour and a half to do a math lesson easily and we still end up with a lot of silly errors.  I am going to have her work on a math lesson EVERY other day.  On the days she has math, I will lesson her chore load simply to make up the time.  On the off math days she will use about 30 minutes to either correct from the day before or play math games online like Math blaster, timed tests etc.   

  • As far as all three kids.. I LOVE Math U SEE, but I HATE that there are 6 days of math.  A few times this year I have simply had them skip pages if they HAD the concept down and only do ONE systematic review.. this year I will do it with every lesson.  If they do not have a concept down we will work until they have mastered it but on the lesson they are good it is simply a waste of time when they DO review the material on each systematic review anyway!  I think this will end up saving us time that I feel is wasted.  We will continue playing Math Blaster, online games, timed tests, playing physical games and flashcards in addition to their math worksheets.

  • We will be adding a logic time each day:  Kate will be doing some exercises for her processing issues and I will be using this time to also do Mind Benders, play Rush Hour and other logic puzzles.

  • Kate will begin choir in the fall, which will take up time on Mondays so I will be switching out what days I do certain work just to not have the majority of it fall on Mondays anymore.  Because we will have more independent work this year I will NOT struggle when all three kids are not ready, gone, sick or needing extra help... I always felt like I had to stop and I would get behind for all three kids in TOO many subjects.  This way with more independent work I can move on with each kid as they are ready and I am able to work with them at odd times.  

  • We will be adding some home skills to the mix this year.. not really adding many more chores on a daily basis but adding to the amount of chores they have been trained to do.
  • We are continuing with memorization, finishing up Old Testament, working on our Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day for science, American history and handwriting.

  • In addition we are still working on our State study, presidents and adding in some geography with our state study.

  • We will hold off on our New Testament curriculum for a while and go through the Survival Kit

          after we finish this we will start the New Testament curriculum.

These are most of the changes and choices for right now.  I am still thinking and planning and figuring out the best for the family--- it is hard and we always want whats best right!

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