Friday, June 3, 2011

What I accomplished this week:

With Memorial Day, license hoopla, Emily having "camp" with friends for three days from 10-2 there was really ZERO schooling going on, so I will not do a weekly wrap up! However I will show you what I accomplished.

I learned that goverment bureaucracy is a pain in the patootie.

I learned that I am a person without an identity.

I learned that now I have an identity but it is only through my maiden name.. so 14 years of marriage has been nullified. :0)

I learned that I really don't like govenment offices and that I am:
# 1 way too sarcastic to be in one without getting carted off to jail (or wherever they take NON Identity people!)
# 2 I am way too emotional to DEAL with those in goverment jobs.
# 3 REALLY, REALLY a libertarian. :)

I learned that I am REALLY, REALLY bad at paperwork!

So I learned a lot and I did actually accomplish things!

I passed a drivers test- of course I only got 72% right but I passed!

I got my marriage license-- not another persons but my own, thank you very much!

I worked on finances and brought down our YMCA bill, cut off a Club Penguin account, brought our Netflix account down and lowered our Comcast Internet bill (which btw was done by simply calling and asking them to lower my bill!  I didn't threaten to leave I just simply asked if I could have a lower bill-- they lowered if by more than 14 a month, which adds up right!)   This will once it all kicks in will save us a total of $107.00 per month! It's something... over 1200 a year!

I scheduled and unscheduled a tonsillectomy. AND then rescheduled it.

I fought the battle with insurance and I won.. well I kind of, sort of, a little bit, in a small way won! I then got defeated again by the surgery center....Payment DUE on day of surgery... because we ALL have thousands laying around right!

I managed to not eat out this week minus ONE morning at McDonald's, but I did a lot of driving and leaving early so I think that is good!

I got a Harris County Public library card-- because you know fines at my own branch aren't enough... I need them all over Harris County. :)

I cleaned my house--- not like scoured or anything but you can walk! I also did laundry and grocery shopped.

I paid the mortgage, car payment, water bill, Internet bill, misc other payments and had a little left over to last for the next 13 days... yeah.

I got our history planned out for the next four weeks-- even got most of my books picked up or at least ordered!

I guess this week has been wrapped up!  Hopefully next week the only bureaucracy we will be dealing with is in the studying of it in history!  What did YOU accomplish this week?


Brenda said...

Tell me how you pick out books for history and where you order them from. Post please!

Lisa said...

You got lots accomplished this week! In spite of the bureaucracy! Yay for bringing all those bills down--that's a significant savings. You've inspired me to ask our satellite company to lower our bill! Library fines, huh. Yep, been there, done that--way too many times!

This was a fun post Carrie. I hope you have a good weekend.

aneisa said...

I HAVE read your posts this week, just horrible at responding...but I'm still here, wanted you to know! :0)