Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today you find out something about me other than I am a snob...

I started out my day having no identity. And BRENDA I am the WORST PAPER PUSHER ON THE EARTH AND MY IMPORTANT PAPER BOX MEANS NOTHING!!!!!!

So something you don't know about me and YES I am ashamed about but it is what it is...

I have had an expired license for WELL over two years.

IT started with just not getting it done, it snowballed into getting a ticket, which escalated into getting a surcharge from the STUPID DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY PROGRAM-- where they give you an additional fee for court fees and ticket fees that you ALREADY paid. DOUBLE whammy.

I digress.

The surcharge was something we could not pay at the time and eventually it got ignored and you know how some things go... I SAID I WASN'T PROUD OF IT.

Anyway... so fast forward two plus years later! The surcharge program had an amnesty type program where your fees were 25% of the total balance and we PAID IT!!! Thank you MOM for letting me know about the program!

SO I left my house this morning for the DMV. I had no identification having lost the expired Driver's license (yes I know). I brought ALL the papers that the website said to bring if you wanted to apply for a license that has been expired for over two years and have no identification.

I got in line before the doors were open. I waited. HAPPILY.

I got up in the line--- the line to get the ticket to get in the line anyways! I handed over all my documents. FAIL. I did not have a CERTIFIED copy of my birth certificate. I had a copy and the hospital copy which can be used for SUPPORTING documents but NOT primary documents!


Okay, off we went to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. HAPPILY, a little less but still happily.

I filled out the form, got in line again. FAIL. Was told I couldn't get my birth certificate without on I.D. HMMM.  Dave had to get it for me because I DON'T EXIST!!!!! So Dave got it. We waited in line again and finally got the CERTIFIED copy!

Back to the DMV (after a catastrophe at the hospital where I was supposed to get my 646.00 cat scan-- but it's all good right).

I got back in line.... the line where you get a ticket to get in line anyways!!!!! Up to the front, I HAPPILY handed over my documents including my CERTIFIED birth certificate. FAIL. You need a social security card-- my social security card got stolen years ago and I had the number but haven't needed the card since--- till now! I did have my W2 that HAD the social security on it-- but it was not sufficient!  This lady DID however give me a PASS to get straight back in her line to get the ticket to get in line WITHOUT waiting again.

SO off to the Social Security Office--- not happily but still somewhat okay, I know what I have to do.

Got in line at the social security office-- filled out the application and waited. Number called. I handed over the COVETED certified birth certificate to the lady... got out all my supporting documents and papers. FAIL. I have NO supporting documents for my name WHICH IS STILL CARRIE WILLIAMS (YES I KNOW!) My birth certificate DOESN'T COUNT!!!

I need my marriage certificate, which I have ZERO idea where it is (yes I KNOW!!!!!!) SO I have to order it. Or I can give them a doctors report (not bill or receipt) that is LESS than four years old AND has the name Carrie Williams-- forget that I have been Carrie Thompson for 14 years!

SO finally with my childhood immunizations records helped (my mom is better at paperwork than I am), which is some good that has come from immunizations! The records allowed me to get a paper that VERIFIED that it is my number (which explain to me how you can verify it is my number but NOT be able to give me a card) Anyhoo!

So no social security card-- still gotta get that! But back to the DMV with my free pass to the front of the line to get a ticket to get in line AND my verification AND my certified birth certificate.

So they took that! WHEWWWWW. I got my ticket to get in line with all my documents and they even pushed me to the FRONT of that line!!!! WHOO HOO.

So I got up the the counter, PROUDLY gave the lady all my documents and she said this says Carrie Williams, who is Carrie Thompson? UM I AM. NO actually I am NOT. She cannot recognize me as Carrie Thompson-- SO as I am crying... seriously. I said fine just do it as Carrie Williams. After I get my marriage certificate to get my social security card to get my NAME back I will go re do my license!!!!!

SO I passed my written test- barely! I am scheduled for my driving test for next week and I have a headache.

I have run the goverment gamete! I have NO one to blame but myself FOR not having my documents--- but to be fair I did take the documents that were originally asked for and I DO already have a license that was issued documents I had before.

SO in the next few weeks we are getting social security cards, ALL certified birth certificates, passports made and BLOOD SAMPLE TAKEN AND GIVEN TO A LAB TO KEEP FOREVER.....

So bet you didn't know all that about me.  PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING AWFUL ABOUT YOURSELF... I need to feel better!


aneisa said...

Bless your heart! What a awful day for you!
Something horrible about me...let me think....
Can I get back with you??


*Hugs from afar*

Brenda said...

I knew there was a reason we were friends! This is so something that would happen to me. I am terrible at paperwork and now I know the DMV is even worse than I thought! We sold the truck we had lost the title for you know....oh brother the rings I jumped through just for that!
This is the most ridiculous story about the DMV I have ever heard. Who would have all of that handy????

Brenda said...

Oh but about me...I actually own two copies of my SS card and the girls too b/c Iost all of ours, got new ones, and then found the old ones in an old purse in my closet. FAIL!

Mommy of Two said...

Wow...like seriously, wow. That is insanity!

Thankfully I'm paranoid about that stuff...since my awful stint of birth certificates, SS card, etc after I moved out of dad's and he wouldn't fork my originals over. Such a hassle and expensive.

Jennifer said...

my license expired in January. I didn't realize it until today. Your post clicked something in my head and I went to look. Yikes!