Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I am so bad at dieting..

Besides my absolute LACK of willpower,
besides my complete lack of self control
besides my inability for restraint....

I like food.

Yes, there is is.  I like food.

It taste good, it is my friend, it soothes me.


BUT I decided to crunch some numbers.

IF I had eaten donuts on donut hole Monday-- which actually I usually eat kolaches and a few donut holes... I would have eat a total of

929 cal
27 grams of fat

That is TWO sausage and cheese kolaches and a donut.  I DON'T always eat that but a LOT of times I would easily eat two kolaches!

But what I did eat was an omelet

2 eggs, a T and a 1/2 of cheese, some onions and a T of bacon sprinkles

282 cal

17.8 grams of fat

Fat is generally not my biggest concern when I am dieting... I generally find I don't get ENOUGH fat over a week period and make sure to use Olive Oil and healthy fats like nuts (minus peanuts), avocado and even dairy.

SO.  I like omelette's.  I like to make them and they are yummy but I still DON'T make that choice consistently!  I like the comfort of other food and it taste better usually!

I made mac and cheese for lunch today-- HOMEMADE mac and cheese.  I ate my serving then an hour later I had another very small serving and then I THREW away the entire rest of the casserole dish.  I know very wasteful BUT I wont eat anymore this way!  SO there is my willpower.  Eat a small amount and then throw it away!

I am doing the VERY inconsistent diet thing right now.  Some diets I am AWESOME--- I am in the frame of mind and I can just DO IT--- last summer I lost 40 pounds!  Pretty darn easily I might add!  BUT some diets when I have not yet reached my "I am in the zone" frame of mind I eat very inconsistently!  I figure at least half of my meals are "diet-y" and the other half aren't but still isn't that better than nothing!

But really I am just making more excuses because that is what I do.
I am stressed.
I am not feeling well so I ate "X".
It is cheaper to eat this than healthier option.
I am too busy.


and that is why I am so bad at dieting.


aneisa said...

I'm gonna send you a message on Facebook

aneisa said...

WE can do it!!