Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Penny here, A Calorie There...

There are very few things that I will not talk about on my blog.... in fact, I would probably talk about more IF I actually thought other people wouldn't think it was TMI.  So discussing my weight and my checkbook are pretty much okay by me. 

My weight is too high and my checkbook balance is too low.

How I wish those numbers were reversed.  How much easier life would be?  RIGHT?

However the only person-- besides DAVE with the money aspect-- who has ANY responsibility for EITHER one of those numbers is myself.  I have control over both numbers... I simply have no self control or will power in either area!

I eat too much.  I spend too much.

If I could give you a tip for either it would be the same tip....

For everything there is a season.

I know doesn't sound like a weight loss tip OR a frugal tip but hear me out.

The idea of NEVER again getting to eat ice cream is inconceivable. 

The idea of NEVER allowing yourself an extra like cable or a pedicure is hardly doable.

BUT what if we put our situation in a box.... a time period, a beginning and end, a season.

STRICT diet for 6 weeks and give yourself a break.  I don't mean binge and ruin all you did.... just give yourself breathing room.  I understand it is about changing your eating habits and BEING healthier but it is also sometimes simply about restraining yourself!  GUILT FREE

STRICT diet of no spending for two months--- after this bill is paid, or after there is a little padding there.... give yourself the "right" to go out to eat, buy a new game or take the kids to a movie.   GUILT FREE

YOU can DO anything for a certain amount of time.   It is too hard and too much to think LONG term!  It feels impossible.  It feels unattainable.  It feels, well it feels like no fun!

SO there my tip is make it about a season or at least remember it IS a season and act like it.  KNOW you can get through it, break up what you need to lose or SAVE into smaller- more attainable pieces and START working on it NOW.


aneisa said...

Love it! That's exactly what I did after my 10 day cleanse and detox thing and strict diet, I had HALF of a Dr. was sad, it didn't taste as good as I imagined! LOL

Brenda said...

Yes, the idea of never eating out again is inconcievable to me.

(I do not sink that word means what you sink it means.) (Sorry.)

But when we get the brakes and tires for my car done. When we get the curriculum ordered....then we can relax and eat out every now and then. Eating at home for a season is doable. AND...I just pretend we live in the boonies and that restaurants are too far away to go to so I HAVE to cook. Works for me!