Monday, May 16, 2011

One Thousand Gifts--- A Practice in Gratitude 11

295. for fresh starts.
296. for an Itune account full of praise music I love
297. for butterflies hatching from chrysalis--- the miracle of a rebirth
298. for a nights sleep and lack of worry-- a respite
299. for knowledge and a direction to take
300. for a prayer for peace
301. for inquisitive children
302. for a wonder blessing of Mothers day
303. for lamplight--- shadows dancing, a quiet night
304. for soft feel of a boys haircut, blond almost white hair
305. for a painting and feeling what the artist felt
306. for rain, water dancing off the windshield
307. for olive oil soaked bread
308. for time with a friend, laughter
309. for a sweet countenance
310. for understand... if only for a minute
311. for Lego--- kids giggles and happy hours spent
312. for toes freshly painted
313. for air conditioning
314. a new power source for the laptop---thanks V!
315. chick fil lay, eating outside with the kids
316. a new Veritas Press catalog {{{sigh}}}
317. a smile from my eldest
318. Saturdays when things get done
319. green grass growing again
320. for an ice cold coke
321. finding old praise songs on Itunes
322. camaraderie in a church meeting
323. a sweet time with two little girls
324. putting words to action and DOING
325. rotisserie chicken.. MSG and all
326. a slowed down afternoon

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