Sunday, May 29, 2011

Katy girl---

Mom and I took Kaitlin shopping yesterday-- Dave and I were buying her an outfit for her elementary graduation.

Outfit 1:

*I have a hard time with the fact that she is JUST graduating from elementary school she looks so grown up.
*We didn't try to make her look grown up but I think because she is taller and bigger for her age she just naturally looks older.
*She has also never really been a kid that played.
*I can count on one hand items that she "played" with.
*She hasn't had toys in years!
*She draws, deals with bugs, has some webkinz (although more for the website)
*she like to be around animals.... but she doesn't and hasn't ever really played with dolls or "imagined" a whole lot.

Outfit 2:

*she loves Legos and builds often.
*She likes to write, although she sketches much more.
*She keeps a journal but doesn't write in it daily.
*She has so many animal facts in her head that I am generally astounded!
*Sometimes it makes me sad that she isn't still a "child", not in the sense that she is all grown up and I am out of a job... just not a "child" in the sense that plays and pretends and imagines.
*I can't keep the child in books.. she is constantly reading!

* She can't shop in the kids section being as tall as she is, so we have had to shop a little over her age for a while and have tried our best to keep the clothes as "kid" friendly as possible.
*she is very picky with clothes--- how they fit, colors, prints, styles.  Although I will say this shopping trip was a BREEZE!  The first skirt and shirt she picked out and tried on she came out WREATHED in smiles.
*look how grown up she looked last August!

* She is going to be in 7th grade next year.  We have plans for more independent work next year. 
* She will be leaving "kids" church group, but not heading into youth group (which we are not fans of) so we are in the in between stages.... such a struggle.
*she longs for a best friend... but hasn't found THAT person yet.
*she is mostly unaware of boys right now-- thankfully. 
*she is sensitive.  she is generally kind.  she is sweet.
*she loves her family- is irritated by her siblings but still loves her family!

* she loves comics, funnies, funny movies, jokes and pranks.
*she loves science, Myth busters, animal shows
*she sings beautifully.
*she likes to take pictures and is very artistic
*she struggles with math and focusing.  She also is very forgetful!
*she shaved for the first time last week--- so grown up but for me it was one more thing that just shoved her out of "childhood" even though it was needed!

*she wants to do so many things--- often unattainable things! 
*works hard if she is focused and for somethings gets so one track minded that we have trouble getting her to stop thinking about it!
*she likes to just be with me
*she loves to swim!

Kaitlin Vivian Grace Thompson


Lisa said...

What a neat tribute to you growing-up girl. She's beautiful.

Mommy of Two said...

Aww I miss all of you!