Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Timing is important...

So I was re reading a section in GOOD and ANGRY-- by Scott Turansky

Timing in instruction is important.

We forget in OUR need, or OUR desire that things don't ALWAYS have to be done on our time table. I mean there are situations where timing is critical but generally speaking... we can be careful about what we do when.

Waking up your child- and immediately harping on him is NOT okay.

Stopping your child in the middle of doing something is not generally productive--- If he is playing Wii, ask him to come to you once he dies, or the level ends. His feeling that you COUNT HIS FEELINGS important is imperative to how he might respond to you.

" if, however, you are experiencing more resistance than you'd like, maybe it's time to take a closer look. It could be that you have been overemphasizing the tasks and underemphasizing the relationship between you and your child."

Some days I will think back and realize that I have simply harped out orders all day-- I have not sat and cuddled, I have not been kind, I have not touched or hugged, I have not looked at a picture or a moment... and I feel an overwhelming sadness.  I just want to take all the minutes back.. RIGHT THEN.  To jump back in time and do things differently.  But I cannot-- however I can work from THIS moment on to not allow that to happen. 

I am adding this verse to our memorization box.

" Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.    ----Proverbs 12:1
I don't know if I HAVE emphasized enough that my kids should want discipline-- but I have a hard time doing that when it is ME who is dishing out the discipline wrong! By yellling, in anger, with condemnation, without grace... that is NOT Godly discipline.  I have to be willing to discipline in a biblical manner.

I need to teach the kids that if they are wrong-- they should want correction because otherwise they will simply keep doing the same wrong thing. 

So much to learn....


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