Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up--- Week 38


Donut Hole Monday!  We are starting the day a little late-- but I am up and dressed which is an improvement over the last 4 days!  So that's good... I think my antibiotics are kicking in! 

Bible: we have finished up with Elisha and gotten to the prophet Nehemiah... tomorrow we start Ester!

Math: kids plugging along
Spelling: We finished step on and finished step 2--- wow PROGRESS! 

memory work-- I REALLY need to add new work to this!  Gotta get on that!

handwriting- the kids are going between cursive and finishing up the book they are working on now- They are almost done with the current book!

Science: all the kids did today was read some different books about underwater excursions and the deep ocean...


Bible- Ester... we read the story and did a hidden picture page on Ester-- we all had to work together, it was hard!
We also watched Veggie Tales: The Girl Who Would Become Queen


Math--I have skipped Emily ahead two pages--- Each Math U SEE lesson has Page a,b,c,d,e and f.  A, b c and d are the "new" lesson and d and f are systematic review pages.  If they do well on a, b and c with no problems I allow them to skip d and just do ONE page of systematic review. 

Science--The kids switched up the reading books and then we watched Whales: An Unforgettable Journey

History--the kids are each starting a read on Lewis and Clark, when we went to Chicago last summer we go to visit the Arch and the start of the Lewis and Clark expedition.... so we have some great pictures to help us remember what the boats were like, and visuals of the area. 

More update on what they are reading in my American history post.




science reading

extra chores around the house and mommy taking a much needed nap! 


History with Amy...

math-- Emily got to time so she also worked on some time flashcards.  She gets frustrated when she counts wrong or has the wrong time-- which frustrates me.  Trying to be patient so she will learn patience. 

The kids all three worked on Typer Island

The kids all spent time on a Wii work out

We read the story of Esther from the BIBLE-- we had some parts confused with Veggie Tales so we simply read the whole story for our self.... such a beautiful story!  My favorite part is when Mordecai says to Esther, "Maybe you were made for such a time as this..."  I pray that my children EACH seek God for what they were made for...


We spent four hours at the Museum of Fine Arts today.... T.I.R.E.D

And that was my week---- how was yours!

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