Monday, May 23, 2011

Sleep Apnea

So Matt went to do his sleep study last week....

I kept worrying that he DOESN'T snore THAT bad-- and maybe it was a waste of time. I almost talked myself into canceling the test! I am so glad I did NOT do that---because he has sleep apnea!

A child is supposed to have a number LESS than one. Matt's is 1.5 and during REM sleep it is 2.7

His has carbon dioxide retention basically because he stops breathing so many times that he does NOT breath out the carbon dioxide. the number for carbon dioxide should be 20% and go NO higher than 50% and Matt's number is 57%. NOT SO GOOD. There are A LOT of numbers that I don't understand yet and when I read a million different websites I end up getting more confused! :)

SO More researching for me I guess! We will meet with the doctor though and get to ask more questions--- I just got these basic results over the phone.

So we will be scheduling a tonsillectomy and adenoid removal for sometime in July probably-- it is not an emergency and the doctor is pretty booked.

So I am glad to find out that he has it, I am glad that T&A MIGHT be a "simple- no surgery is simple" fix. We will just have to wait and see.

So we are waiting for Matt's surgery date- waiting for Emily's appointment to see IF she needs the eye surgery. I am about done in....

But at least things are getting taken care of right!

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Mommy of Two said...

Wow, think they have enough wires? At least that part is over... Hopefully the surgery makes a difference and helps him out!