Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up-- Week 39


No donut hole Monday ( I started a stupid diet this morning and I begged the kids to NOT make me go get donuts-- they conceded and I made omelette's.)

We started the MIDWESTERN states again for our state study. 

We are learning about:

North Dakota
South Dakota

We read Lentil... learning about Ohio.

Also did you KNOW that three presidents were born in Ohio!
Taft, Harrison and Grant!

The kids also read Saratoga Chips

We also worked through most of Chapter one in Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day--

they did math, handwriting and that's all folks cuz mom started a diet and she is in a bad mood!

Well Emily is going somewhere with Mary Faith today for her birthday!!!!

I have my ENT appointment and Kaitlin's fitting for her ear plug... this took like 2 1/2 hours! 
SO we are car/ doctors office/ independent work Schooling today!
Kate chose hers to be pink and black swirl!  TOO cool--- mine were always plain as a kid!

Matt and Kate both got math, handwriting and read some more of the Midwestern states books.

Next up we made brownies for taking to the homeless that we needed to drop off at the church today... but we made some extra to hand out to our regular guys and gals we see every day.

We also ran into the library to return/ pick up some books. I have 47 out right now and only two are late by two days!!  THAT IS A RECORD!

I also allowed them to pick their next literature read:

Kate choose-

and Matt choose-

and we had tap class and then went to drop them off at MOMS for the night!  Then we met up with Becky and family for dinner to celebrate Mary Faith and came home with only Emily. 

Today was a full day!  Emily and I might need to sleep in tomorrow!


Mom brought the kids home around 11:00-- she thankfully brought me a huge cup of coffee!  I needed it!  Thank you mom!

We stayed outside playing for a while-- the weather is still so awesome!

Alas we had to head in to start school--

We are in the story of JOB in Bible-- I always struggle with this story.

We finished up chap one in science and the kids finished the crossword puzzle--

We did Step 3 in All about Spelling

the kids did their math--Emily is still missing a lot of the clock stuff, she just flys through the work and then later when I ask her what the answer is she is like OH yeah its ???.  I have asked her to SLOW down!  So bribery enters the picture-- I told her that if on her next two lessons she went slow and steady (like the turtle) she would win a prize.  If it's good enough for Aesop, it's good enough for us!

Matt and Dave went to the sleep study! 


We started learning Psalms 23...

We started Chap 2 in Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day-- WHALES

The kids watched Fellowship of the Whales

The kids all did their math

We worked on our note booking pages for science

The kids played SEQUENCE

and then watched FREE WILLY...


We have to clean house to day for a certain set of grandparents who are coming over to babysit the kids!!!!  Can I get a shout out!  WHOOP!  Dave and I are going on a DATE!!! It has been months! Since Jan. 11 to be exact! totally excited!  We sorta accomplished it!  :)

We got done with Bible--- listened to Keith Greens song Create In Me a Clean Heart... love this song!
We are still working on the 23rd Psalms

The kids worked on math, handwriting and drew pictures of lob tailing, spy hopping and breaching for science! 

We finished up reading our Lewis and Clark books--

watched the last part of our last Lewis and Clark movie-

and did history review cards...

We started our CHOPIN composer study--- listened to his music and started our lap book.

We went over states and capitols focusing on the Midwestern states...

and that's it folks!!!

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