Monday, May 9, 2011

One Thousand Gifts... a practice in gratitude-- 10

258. for service managers who actually care about their customers!
259. for days at the park
260. for patience
261. for allergy medicine that helps a little
262. for my husband who works hard
263. for email, really it is wonderful
264. for meeting new home school families today
265. for a good, productive week in school
266. for stepping out in faith- I am thankful every time I find I have done this!
267. for resolutions to conflicts
268. for a minute bend towards the right in government!
269. for people having a deeper understanding of the issues
270. for Emily's progress in reading!
271. for a low electric bill!
272. for being close when  needed by a child
273. for recognizing that good came from bad
274. for calmy handling bad news
275. for two tiny birds calling for their mother
276. for teenagers willing to work to pay off debt
278. for two conversation with friends that were uplifting
279. for as much as I am glad for classes... also glad for classes winding down
280. for a son recognizing that GOD is needed
281. for tulips in my house, even if they aren't real
282. for help painting--- I might have never gotten to it
283. for a camera no matter if the pictures aren't always perfect
284. for black frames of memories on my wall
285. for money in the account after bills are paid- even if it is only alittle
286. for a glimpse of how important thanksgiving is
286. for comments on my blog
287. for a truth seen at church
288. for learning more about the bible-- by seeking
289. for white binders- new and waiting to be filled
290. for three children bursting to start learning
291. for a day of learning spent with friends
292. for kindness and help for my niece--- sometimes it is missing
293. for a pastor willing to take time for questions
294. for evidence of things unseen.... faith. growing.

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Lisa said...

I enjoy reading your lists!