Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fathers Day... June 2011

I already posted that spending the day out on the prairie really wasn't Dave's idea of "fathers day" but he did it with a "MOSTLY" happy heart and wasn't a grouch! Therefore... he shall be rewarded! I already cooked him this, his favorite breakfast!

I shall also send him off to the gun range... his favorite past time!

The back of this vehicle contains 12 guns plus the two actually ON the front seat passengers...

Rossi 38 Special
FNP 9mm
Remington 1911
Taurus 1911 (9mm)
Keltec P3AT
XDm 9mm
Derringer 38 special
Taurus TCP
Walther P22
Ruegur 10/22
Henry Leveraction 22
Savage 22 rifle
Mossburg 500 shotgun
Siaga 12 gauge shotgun

because that is how we roll!!!


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