Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GOHSSG Swim Party August 2011

For those who do not know GOHSSG (Garden Oaks Home School Support Group) is our support over here in North Houston! This was our first major event with the group... the back to school swim party!

It was very fun.. I am very glad we went. The kids had a blast and we at least got to see some new friends that we will be sharing activities with throughout the year.

Please take note of the second column of pictures.. that would be Emily achieving one FULL rotation on her flip!  Whoo hoo.  Larry, Emily's friend Lauren Rose and a fellow church member gave her a few tips and she DID it!!!

On the bottom right side is my friend Julie--who has a blog but DOESN'T blog.. go leave her some comments on her last blog entry to make her feel good!!!

On the bottom left hand side would be Kaitlin underwater which I just happen to think is the COOLEST picture... however not as COOL as my bloggy friend at Family Team, but I am sure hers was an underwater camera!

And Matt is just well CUTE as can be in the picture of him!!!  He is not always cooperative in my picture taking so I am always pleased to get a good shot of him!!!

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