Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kaitlin's Choir Camp-- Trinity Pines

Kaitlin has joined Heaven Sent Choir along with Kirsten, but she is in the junior singers group. Each year before choir starts they have a camp for the junior singers at Trinity Pines. We decided to attend thinking it would be a great start to her new year and she would get to know some of the kids...

We had a blast!

The kids were amazingly welcoming! There was no feeling of only the old kids were friends.. they were all so kind and sweet! I felt so blessed and good about our decision to join!

We left on Thursday and go there at 10:00 and DID NOT STOP until we left Friday at 4:30! Man I was tired driving home! It was a lot of work-- 5 rehearsals! However there was lots of play too- swimming, free time, Bible Study, eating, Ga Ga ball ( a very fun game of Israeli dodge Ball), relay races, nail painting, giggling, rides in the backs of trucks, sleepy girls, loud boys, clapping, singing and much more!

Kaitlin and I took a few minutes out on the water before we drove off... I can't believe that she is a seventh grader.... how did this happen!

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Julie said...

You have done a fine job with that young lady. She is a lovely young woman.