Monday, August 22, 2011


I am trying to be thankful for each and every opportunity I am given to remember WHO is in control.

Not me.

I had MULTIPLE opportunities to be thankful today.  {{{sigh}}}

I think that once I purposefully TRY to let God be in control instead of myself... I am suddenly awash with opportunties to practice it!  I had to physically clap my mouth shut at one point today.  I then got up and walked away.  I am not in control, nor do I have ANY ability to BE in control over the situation.  I cannot control this situation.  Struggle!

So instead of "showing" my anger over the inability to control the situation.... I remained quiet.  I said not one thing.  I don't really think that is the answer EITHER... but at least I don't have anything to be sorry for! 

I really need something that I am not getting... but yet I have no control over being able to get it!

So I will be thankful that GOD is in control.  He knows my tomorrows.  He has ordered not only MY steps but each and every one of us!

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