Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random moments in our life....

These are the TOOLS that Dave used to get a splinter out of my foot the other day.

I was laying face down on the bed, trying to breath from the pain of it all and didn't realize
what "tools" he was using till after.


This is a hilarious cartoon and I am not trying to take credit for this or do anything wrong so I am linking to FOX TROT who wrote  this and to the Houston Chronicle that printed this!  I make ZERO money off my blog--- I am just sayin'!

I can totally SEE myself asking Dave "this" question! You know in case of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Which brings me to this story... the other day we were doing school and suddenly out of no where Matt asked about zombies--- I told him we would go to the other room and talk.  So when I closed the door he proceeded to tell me how he has seen THIS* commercial and now he was afraid to drink milk from the refrigerator.  He had seen it like 2 weeks before!  So we talked about zombies and what the commercial was trying to represent.. he was not convinced.  So Dave came home and they had a long talk and Matt is cool with milk now.  So the whole talk he was very, very serious and in his weirdo, logical way he was trying to figure out how the guy turned into a zombie because all he did was drink mild-- he wasn't attacked by another zombie or anything...

 So he says to me,
 "Perhaps an infected fly landed in the milk and therefore infected the man
when he drank it.  That would be plausible."

I love this boy!

*this commercial does contain visual sightings of zombie action-- please be aware NO milk was harmed in the making of the commercial.**


this is what you can do when you home school-- MATH and a FUDGE POP!

until you drip on your math book and the fun is all over.  :0)


If you see a hot dog-mobile....

your gonna want a hot dog.

is THERE anything better than grilled veggies....

I think NOT.







Lisa said...

I enjoyed this random moments post!
And yes, those grilled veggies looks SO good!

Mommy of Two said...

Wow, that's really funny! (All of it!)

aneisa said...

I need to do a random post with pictures! LOVE it!

Those grilled veggies look YUMMY!

Brenda said...

Where did Matt come from?? He is so hilarious!

That commercial was bad. So don't miss TV!