Saturday, August 6, 2011

Simplify.. blah blah blah I just want a clean house!

all this blabber on the internet about simplify! 

It think it is like the green movement-- mostly made up hysteria!
No really I think we should all have less stuff-- we have zero need for all this stuff but I also don't think having a lot of stuff (if you are not attached to it in a bad way) is sin.  I think you just have a lot of stuff!

True if Jesus said to you drop your fish nets (board games, extra clothes, wii, toys, misc pots and pans, holiday decor, stuff you no longer need but still have) I agree you should be able to drop your fish net NO QUESTIONS asked.  Well maybe ask a question but you should not turn about like the rich guy and say NO way-- Can't do it!

So stuff okay.

Stuff you are too attached to NOT okay.

Now that being said what I really want is a clean organized house and THAT is hard to accomplish without getting rid of stuff and organizing what you DO keep.

So towards that mentality I am cleaning out!

Now the benefits of THAT are:

  • organization which means I have MORE time and energy for kingdom stuff.
  • I can donate or give away things other people DO need which is always good and necessary.
  • it allows my kids to hopefully NOT build up to much of an attachment to things!
  • I have a clean house which truly goes along with an ability to be hospitiable, a more attentive wive, a better mother in turn a person who is more able to work on her insides!
So simplify.  YES.  Will do.

Do we all deserve, need and work better in a simplified life--- YES, I think we should and are able too!

Do we have to give away everything?  Is it wrong to have a hobby and collect stuff or have 3 too many blankets or shoes? 

NO, as long as our attitude about said item is in check, then we are good.

It usually always boils down to attitude!

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Mommy of Two said...

Stuff doesn't bother long as it's not clutter, lol

I'm all for 'going green' but...not everything. Some things I think are definitely taking it too far, lol