Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We haven't been assimilated...

I want to say that he has only seen the BORG in two episodes.... we have not allowed the kids cart blanch on watching Voyager-- but he is fascinated.

I will say that I think most of the assimilating in Star Trek is really a political MASTERMIND... the "topics" that are brought into each episode are so sneaky and you are so distracted by the "alien" race that you forget these episodes were intended for US the human species.  I have encountered "the green movement", abortion, euthanasia, environmental terriost, socialism, communism, One World Order, nuclear disarmment, civil rights, gender neutrality, animal rights, and se*ual orientation,

All. From. A. Good. Viewpoint.

It is relevant!

We have used a number of references in episodes as worldview teaching moments, some episodes we have simply chosen to not show the kids and some episodes we have even chosen to not watch our self.

And for those who might think to themselves.. I am taking myself TOO seriously
--I mean this is Star Trek we are talking about

Do not allow yourself to be fooled that there are not MESSAGES all throughout
ANY TV, movie, song that you listen too.... both good and bad!  It is what we choose to do with those messages that matters.... we must not be assimilated!

and I promise this is the last Star Trek post for  while!

Live Long and Prosper.

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Lisa said...

My husband and I are big Next Generation fans, and we often have talked about the subtle messages that show up in the episodes.