Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up- Days 15-22

So the last two weeks have been interesting and different for us... I did not get as much done during our chicken pox incarceration last week--- (why did I think we would?)  Emily was fussy (understandably so) and well I was busy-- plus David was home all week and well.....

We did however get some done three of the days!

This week however.. we busted it out!  Whoo hoo.  I have implemented some new ideas:

GETTING the children to the school table
Doing school

Novel. Don't you think?

Our Bible is going well-- we have had some interesting talks about the body of Christ and some things we need to do AS the body of Christ.  We are currently working on MANY bible verses at a time!  There is a lot of memorization!  Whew..

Math- Kaitlin finished her math!  BIG Jumps for joy here!  However we are not moving on... we are drilling and reviewing first!  Matt and Emily are almost done and are both drilling too.

English- Loving Rod and Staff--- have I stated this?  Emily is responding well to it.. I am really, really glad I decided to split their English and work with her at her level.  Don't you love when you feel good about a choice you make!  So often I second guess myself or are not happy but feel stuck!

The kids are all having online math drills (Math U See, Math blaster and various online websites), online spelling  (Spelling City) and online typing programs (Typer Island and Scripture Typer).  LOVING IT.

Logic is coming along slowly-- I am using various books and games and websites, I would like to be a little more cohesive in this area and am working on!  Will post on this later.

History- we are up to Texas History/ Pre Civil War.  So we headed to Texas to study OUR history for the next two weeks and then we will come back to the US and head into the civil war... excited about this time period.  We are using ALL American History The text is dry but I have plenty of wonderful living books to bring the time period to life! 

We are plodding on in All About Spelling.... still liking it although I am curious to see how other people implement the program... maybe Brenda should VLOG her lesson for me!

Science we are still working through Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day

.... but gearing up to start Physicss
in a few weeks!  We have finished up lesson 7- Sharks and Rays.  We are not going in order of the book and we are skipping some lessons as I shortened this to do it over the summer- ----NONE the less I am three weeks behind the original plan. But I am not worried about!  The kids are enjoying the learning!  I have an OCEANS post update on Monday!

The kids are all reading a minimum of 45 minutes a day (this is hardest on Emily), Kate and Matt read MUCH more but this is a school book chosen for them by myself.

Matt is reading Bound for Oregon

and Emily is reading Beezus and Ramona

For art-- which has gone WAY to the back burner this summer.. I took a break from learning about artists and we are counting our drawing sea creatures for art!  We are also working on an under water diorama.

Skills--- this is not new but it is new as far as the school schedule.  At least three times a week I am going to either introduce a skill or review a skill learned.  These will include everything I talked about HERE plus some more awesome ones Brenda sent from the Sonlight list!

And that is our last couple of days!!!! 

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Amy @ simply necessary said...

Here from weekly wrap your side quote on why you blog...I feel the same way!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Looks like a great week! LOVE your reading selections and your kids photos on the sidebar! Full week despite the chicken pox! Hope everyone is up-and-at-'em now! Stopping by from Kris' Weekly Wrap-up!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great week. Thanks for sharing your typing links. I am going to check them out now.

Jennifer said...

We love the rod and staff! Glad your week is awesome. I am jealous, I love Beezus and Ramona, I can't think of a way to work that into a middle ages unit study, but I wish I could.

Mrs Random said...

oooo! Math Blaster looks AWESOME! I have an 8 year old who needs some help mastering his multiplication facts. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Good for you! You have a great attitude! We tried that history program one year also, I sold it because it was so dry! Glad you are able to liven it up with some good books!